Next Salmon Meeting

Date: September 18, 2011

Time: 9:00am to 10:30am

To Be Held At:
Salmon Valley Business & Innovation Center
803 Monroe Street
Salmon, Idaho 83467

Wayne Talmadge

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Building Bridges Project

Rural Idaho Outreach Program - Program Summary

The Rural Idaho Outreach Program has three primary objectives; to teach students to develop and manage a company, to successfully complete a substantial construction project, and to give them the opportunity to experience what job opportunities are out there. Through the leadership and guidance of the Sponsor Company, Mentors and Teachers, the program aims to encourage students to venture into potential career avenues that they would normally not be exposed.

The students will be responsible for developing the company structure, client relations, designing the project to meet the client's needs, soliciting subcontractors, managing the finances and ultimately construction project management.

Through the program, the students will be responsible for the incorporation of the Student Company, all appropriate paperwork will be completed, but not filed; the day to day management of the company and ultimately the management of the project's construction. The focus of the students should be the management of the Student Company and the project, not the actual labor to complete the project. Though, if there is the opportunity for the students to perform labor tasks, it should not be discouraged.

The program will only be performed for a Client that shall be a private citizen, as a municipal or governmental agency will provide too many encumbrances for the Student Company to adhere to and conform with. The Client would be responsible for the construction costs of the project, for which payment would be made directly to the School, for reinvestment in the Technical Training Program. The Sponsor Company will act as a guarantor of the project, and ensure that the project is successfully completed.

As a goal of the program, teaching the students to manage a company will ultimately result in interactions with various existing businesses. The Program aims to teach the students these interactions as healthy business, not acting as a competitor. As such, a key element of the Program is the solicitation and hiring of multiple subcontractors to perform the construction work. This solicitation will teach the students the processes of scope determination, competitive bidding, and contract review and negotiation. These subcontractors would be responsible for all applicable insurances and would be subject to the General Agreement of the Program. Subcontractors are encouraged to employ student as potential labor on this project, though not necessary, as this will help to further educate the Students.

At the completion of the Project, our goal is for the Students to have had a positive experience which has contributed to their professional skills and is an asset on their resume in addition to having gained insight into how a business operates. Through the Program, Students will learn what it takes to establish and operate a business, with this knowledge Students will gain insight into their future roles in industry or potentially foster an interest in establishing their own businesses.





Rural Idaho Outreach Program - Guidelines

The following steps will be followed in the formation of the Student Company and the completion of the project:

  • 1. The Students will submit their application to the program, including their resume and the position that they are applying for. The program will be limited to 25 Team Members and 4 Alternates. It is anticipated that the program will require 4-6 hours of participation per Student per week.
  • 2. Representatives of the Sponsoring Company and Mentors will perform the initial interviews and select the key management of the Student Company.
  • 3. Further interviews will be performed to complete the Student Company. For these interviews the Sponsoring Company will now include the Management of the Student Company as interviewers and actively involve them throughout the remaining selection process.
  • 4. After all of the positions in the Student Company are filled, there will be a kick off meeting which will include the Student Company, Client, Sponsor Company, Mentors and Teachers. At the kick off meeting the Client will present the Student Company with the parameters of the project for the development of 3 concept plans. The Student Company will review their corporate structure based on the need of the project and make any adjustments as necessary at this time.
  • 5. The Student Company will develop 3 concept plans and present this information to the Client. Upon approval from the Client, the Student Company will proceed with execution of the project based on one of the concept plans. If further refinement of the concept plan is required, the Student Company will work with the Client to finalize the project scope.
  • 6. The Student Company will execute the project with the guidance of the Sponsoring Company, Mentors and Teachers.
  • 7. Upon completion of the project, a Wrap Up meeting will be held to evaluate the Program. At the Wrap Up meeting, all parties involved in the project will be required to attend, this would include the Student Company, Client, Sponsoring Company, Mentors, Teachers and Subcontractors. The Student Company will be require to present a financial report for the Company/Project and a general report regarding lessons learned. The Wrap Up meeting will serve as a forum to provide an in depth evaluation of the Student Company's performance and the performance of the Program overall.


Rural Idaho Outreach Program - Roles

Students - The Students will be selected through an application process to form the Student Company.

Student Company - Once selected, Students will form the Student Company that will perform a project.

Sponsoring Company - The sponsoring company shall act as a model for the Student Company. Representatives of the Sponsoring Company may act as Mentors to Students, but at a minimum will provide weekly oversight of the progress of the Student Company and the Project through progress meetings and calls. The Sponsoring Company will act as a guarantor of the project, being responsible to step in and complete the project should any unforeseen circumstance arise.

Mentors - Mentors are individuals that are assigned to members of the Student Company, based on areas of professional expertise, to serve as a resource in the Students completion of their tasks. The Mentor shall be available for advice and guidance as needed by the Student. Mentors may be from the Sponsor Company or the local community (i.e. local businesses such as a Bank, or a retiree who wishes to be active in the program, or as otherwise appropriate).


Teachers - For the program to be successful, Teachers will need to be involved to evaluate and assess the success of the Students. The Teachers involvement shall be necessary as a daily, immediately available resource for the Students. The teacher shall serve as a facilitator of meetings of the Student Company and evaluate the Students overall performance throughout the Project.

Client - A Client will be sought by the Program. The Client will have a project Concept for the Student Company to develop and present back to the Client. The Client will be a private citizen, not a municipality or a government agency. The Client will be responsible for the financial cost of the project, as they are the end user. The Client will be involved in the weekly progress meetings as appropriate and necessary.

Subcontractors - Subcontractors will be sought based on the complexity of the project. Potential subcontractors may include designers, engineers, testing agency's, and contractors. The subcontracts will perform the actual physical work required to complete the project. Subcontractors will be required to provide all applicable insurances and will be compensated based on the terms negotiated with the Student Company. Subcontractors will have the opportunity to involve Students, at their discretion, in the actual construction process as field labor. Subcontractors may also have the opportunity to provide their services at a discounted rate as a community service.