Next Salmon Meeting

Date: September 18, 2011

Time: 9:00am to 10:30am

To Be Held At:
Salmon Valley Business & Innovation Center
803 Monroe Street
Salmon, Idaho 83467

Wayne Talmadge

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BABB Company at work

The Rural Idaho Outreach Program has three primary objectives; to teach students to develop and manage a company, to successfully complete a substantial construction project, and to give them the opportunity to experience what job opportunities are out there.  Through the leadership and guidance of the Sponsor Company, Mentors and Teachers, the program aims to encourage students to venture into potential career avenues that they would normally not be exposed

 As a goal of the program, teaching the students to manage a company will ultimately result in interactions with various existing businesses.  The Program aims to teach the students these interactions as healthy business, not acting as a competitor.  As such, a key element of the Program is the solicitation and hiring of multiple subcontractors to perform the construction work.  This solicitation will teach the students the processes of scope determination, competitive bidding, and contract review and negotiation.  These subcontractors would be responsible for all applicable insurances and would be subject to the General Agreement of the Program.  Subcontractors are encouraged to employ student as potential labor on this project, though not necessary, as this will help to further educate the Students.

At the completion of the Project, our goal is for the Students to have had a positive experience which has contributed to their professional skills and is an asset on their resume in addition to having gained insight into how a business operates.  Through the Program, Students will learn what it takes to establish and operate a business, with this knowledge Students will gain insight into their future roles in industry or potentially foster an interest in establishing their own business.

With the book work done, it was time to get into the field and start the work. Below you can see what has been accomplished by the team. The bridge apron has been poured and is in its curing stage. The team is then ready to get the bridge structure loaded and to the bridge site.

With the concrete poured and covered for a couple of days, it ws time to pull the blankets back and give the pads some air.

The next step is to get the steel to the bridge site. Back at the yard they decide which pieces of steel to load first. They bring in a truck and begin to load.


This can be some pretty tricky maneuvering here. We don't want to get in to much of a hurry. Coordinating between the two machines, they are able to successfully load each of the beams onto the waiting flatbed.

Getting them off the truck is a completely different story. Hopfully we will be able to get some pictures of that operation.